About Us

www.preciouswish.com is a complete personalized gift store where you can buy personalized gifts online in India. PreciousWish is an established brand for personalized gift products. Choose from a large selection of photo mugs, photo t-shirts, 3D crystals, personalized photo clocks, picture frames, Chusions, and other presents. Upload photos, add greeting phrases to the gifts, select a design template, and personalize the gifts in simple steps. Every present at PreciousWish can be personalized with pictures, text, and colours.

Our product line is separated into two separate categories as personalised gifts and corporate gifts. We have the unique ability to print on practically any substrate. Whether it's a ceramic mug, a wooden pen, a t-shirt, crystal, or stone, we have sophisticated machinery that can print excellent images on almost any medium. Even 3D printing inside crystals is possible with our machinery.

The best custom-designed templates are pre-installed at the PreciousWish online store, allowing users to make stunning personalized products that are shipped to buyers for free. Our support to Customers ensures that you have a hassle-free experience when you shop with us.

It's a great way of expressing one's emotions and values in a relationship when one Gifts products that are not just off the shelf. They have been made specifically for you and your loved ones.

We hope you enjoy the entire customisation/personalization process on our website and make amazing products for your loved ones. Come, unleash the Power of Personalization, and add a touch of yourself to every present.